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A few weeks ago I showed you swatches of the fabric we found at the mill for the wedding. In case you've forgotten what it looked like, here's another picture.

I've already shown you how my mom used the green denim and some of the off-white wispy-looking fabric to create corsages, boutonnieres, and my bouquet.

I've also shown you the neutral Ikat fabric that we used on the table that held the Scrabble sign and the Pawleys Island book our guests could sign, as well as the lovely linen that found its way to the cupcake table

In addition, you've seen the fabric we used for the Friday night barbecue: the burlap, the linen, the stripey-looking stuff and the gingham.

As for the giraffe fabric, we intended to use it as to be a tablecloth on the kids' dining table. That never happened, however, because once the bad weather hit, the caterers had to re-group and move everything, and the kids' dining table was simply out of luck. Oh well. The fabric is still pretty cute, and we think it's funny because I'm tall and Tod's not, but I'm pretty sure y'all have already gotten that joke.

Okay, so now don't you really want to see what we did with the red and white polka-dotted fabric? 

Oh good, I thought so. 

We used it on the bar! Pretty cute, huh?

And the blue striped denim? (You say Navajo; I say Ralph Lauren-ish.)

Well, it covered the buffet tables as well as the tables where our guests sat to eat.

Now, if you know me, then it shouldn't surprise you a bit to discover that I fully intended for this fabric to live a second life (at the beach, no less) after our wedding. And, after sweet-talking my mom into helping (by turning her living and dining room into a sweatshop), I'm so happy to say that the fabric is now living that second life! Details and pictures soon.


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