0 Black/White

Yesterday I showed you a white/black transformation. Today I'm going to show you a couple black/white transformations.

You may remember Tod's old queen headboard from back in his bachelor days.

When Tod sold his house, we sweet-talked his parents into storing the bed for a few months until we had a chance to lug it down to the beach house, where we hoped to use it in place of the existing foot-boarded double bed, which just wasn't quite cutting it for my long shanks.

As it turns out, we must be really good at this sweet-talking thing (or else Tod's parents are just really sweet), because in addition to talking them into storing the bed, we also talked them into helping us lug the bed to the beach. 

From there, it was all me. Well, all me and a few more cans of heirloom white spray paint than I'd like to admit. Tod thought I was sort of crazy to even bother painting it, but I really wanted to beach-ify it a bit so it would go better with everything else I've been working on in our room at Pawleys.

The lighting is not so great in this pic, but you can get the idea.

Got dogs?
Oh, and do you recognize some of the fabric on the bed? Remember how I told y'all that I fully intended for our wedding fabric to live a second life? Well, that's exactly what it's doing in the form of duvet covers and pillow shams, made by my mom with lots of love. More about that later.

As for the bedside tables in the above pic, as it just so happens, they also made the black-to-white transformation.


To white:


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