4 From Pawleys to Paris

I come from a long line of elopers (seriously) so I get my distrust of large, fancy weddings very honestly. However, when Tod proposed it really didn't take long for me to go into planning mode--planning what I hoped would be an intimate, comfortable, largely homemade and handmade wedding at one of Tod's and my favorite places in the world, his family's house on Pawleys Island.

Tod proposed on December 1. By the new year, we'd picked a date, or I guess I should say we'd ended up with a date through the process of elimination. (Who knew it could be so hard to find a weekend when all your favorite people in the world don't have conflicts?) Anyway, April 21 it was. (And I'm just dorky enough to like that we'd be getting married on the 21st of '12. You shouldn't be surprised by that though; even my name is a palindrome.) Anyway, so at that point we had about four months to plan it and pull it all together. 

Step one: the guest list. (Actually, step one for me was making sure that Patrick Davis was available and willing to share his music with us on our big day, which, thankfully, he was and did.) As for the guest list, we actually started out with three: small, medium, and large--small being the smallest wedding we could imagine (just us) and large being the largest wedding we could imagine (about 120). Despite my genetic predisposition to elopement, we just couldn't imagine getting married without our families being present. And because we count our friends among family, we ended up somewhere close to the "medium" list; for us the medium list was, in the words of Goldilocks, "just right." It included our nearest and dearest friends, family, and mentors. I'd say we ended up with about 80 adults on the big day and a spattering of their children, all of whom were specifically included because we decided we're just not the type of people to throw a "no children allowed" wedding. 

Anyway, once we'd nailed down the big stuff, like the where, the when, and the who, it was time for the little stuff, you know, the what and the how--things like the invitations, the decorations, the flowers, the food, oh, and the totally random craft projects with which my mom and I (more so my mom, God bless her) occupied ourselves for more time than we'd like to admit. Seriously, I'd wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts of croquet sets and cake toppers dancing through my head. And even though I'm not really a bride's bride, there were so many aspects of planning that special day--at least now that I am looking back on it through the window of time--that I totally adored. Yes, it was exhausting at times to keep up with all of the details, and the weekend flew by all too quickly (as wedding weekends tend to do), but it was so very special and I wouldn't change a thing. (Well, maybe the hail was a bit unnecessary, but I'm choosing to view the atrocious weather as either (a) good luck--they say a wet knot is harder to untie than a dry one--or (b) a really good reminder that some things are just beyond our control so flexibility is key--you know, the whole making lemonade out of lemons thing.)

All of this is to say, first, a huge thank you to my parents and to Tod's parents for all the love, support, and hard work that went into our wonderful wedding, and second, I think it's high time that I share a few of my favorite wedding projects and pictures. 

First up: the oh-so-cute stack of signs we created. 
Photo courtesy of Toni Bouton Photography

I think we originally saw the idea in a magazine (right, mom?), but we had the best time brainstorming ideas for signs, and I didn't tell Tod about it so it was a complete surprise to him at the wedding. My dad cut the wood and figured out the right fonts for the places and the correct distances from Pawleys, and my mom painted and polyurethaned everything. Clearly, it was a labor of love.

We went with places that have great meaning to us--places like where we're from, where we went to school, and where we live--and we threw in a few random signs like the beach, the bar (with "bar" underlined because we're both dorky lawyers), and the loo because it's always good to know where those things are. If you're curious about the date on the "Nan and Tod" sign, Tod's a fourth and April's, duh, the fourth month. Who doesn't love a good double entendre, right? 

My folks carried all the pieces down to Pawleys in the good ol' Subaru, and we put it together one morning inside our beach house before we showed it to Tod and his parents.

We set the sign in the yard during the weekend, and it looked great. I'm still just so appreciative of all the hours of hard work my mom and dad put into it. Oh, and check out the top of the pole. Dad decided it needed a finial, and as luck would have it, he just so happened to have an old glass doorknob in his tool bucket, so there you go. Perfect, right?

Photo courtesy of Toni Bouton Photography.
And even though the storm came and knocked it over on Saturday, it suffered hardly a scratch. But what may be the most fun part of this story is the fact that the sign now lives in the corner of the living room at the beach house so I get to admire it often. It's just such a happy thing, I think. 

So now, the important question: what do you think?


Lauren said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for posting pictures and the stories behind your special day. I wish I could have made it there to celebrate y'all and oogle over all of the beautiful/ special touches that made your wedding so unique.

Also, I don't know if I'm sophisticated enough to read your blog if you use words such as 'palindrome' and 'entendre.' I obviously use words such as 'oogle.'

LOVE the sign! Can't wait to keep up with your blogging for the entire month!

Nan said...

Aww, thanks so much Lauren. We missed you at the wedding but know that you were home loving on that precious new baby! Hope we get to meet him and catch up with y'all soon! xoxo

Meredith and the New Yorkie said...

Nan, I am loving seeing the behind-the-scenes of your wedding! The sign is adorable and is perfect in the living room! You are so talented!!

mk & Gwynnie

Nan said...

Thank you! We had the best time making wedding "crafts" -- which is absolutely crazy because we are so not into weddings! Anyway, I've loved following your blog -- you (and Gwynnie) are doing a great job!

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