0 Little People

(Don't worry, this post is not about that show on TLC.)

For Christmas last year, my sister's children gave Tod and me the Fisher-Price Little People bride and groom set.

So naturally, when it came time to choose which bride and groom cake toppers we'd like to place on the small carrot cake that we planned to cut--either my mom's mom's or Tod's mom's mom's--we decided it may be best to avoid that controversy entirely by going with the Fisher-Price set from the children. Plus, we thought they matched perfectly the children's book themed cupcakes, right? 

The funny thing is: in all the crazy weather and wedding excitement, we completely forgot to cut and eat the bride and groom cake on our wedding day. I'm sure that's some sort of giant wedding no-no, but I'm okay with it because we definitely made up for our lack of wedding-cake-cutting by eating lots of cupcakes on Saturday . . . and Sunday . . . and Monday. (Yes, Tod and I even enjoyed a wedding cupcake or two on our Monday drive to the airport to depart for our honeymoon. They were that good.) 

Although our Fisher-Price Little People bride and groom toppers may not be heirloom-worthy pieces like our grandmothers' bride and groom toppers, we thoroughly enjoyed using them!  


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