1 Me too.

Yesterday you saw a pic of Scooter wearing his fancy collar at the wedding.

To make that fancy collar, my mom burned pieces of ribbon to create petals (who knew?), and then she sewed the petals together with sea glass beads (from Michael's, I think) to create flowers.

She sewed these flowers on strips of satin ribbon that we wrapped around the dogs' regular collars. All in all, a simple thing, although I'm sure it was time-consuming.

The fun part about these little flowers: I got to wear them in my hair, too.

The little flowers were so delicate and beautiful that my mom attached a few of them to bobby pins in case I wanted to put them in my hair. With the crazy weather, there was no way I was going to attempt to wear my hair down--either straight or curly--so up in a bun it went, and I was so very happy to have something special to differentiate my wedding bun from my everyday bun. (I admit that I go to work most days with wet hair wrapped in a bun. I'm not proud of it, but at least I'm honest about it. And I did use a hairdryer on my wedding day, so that's something. I also wore a little bit of makeup, so that's something, too.) 


Anonymous said...

Our hearts are so full of love - not much room left for them to beat. kiup

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