0 Platte Grond De Stad Amsterdam

Tod and I spent several days of our honeymoon in Amsterdam.

Neither of us had been before.

What was our favorite thing about Amsterdam? 

Pretty much all of it. You know, the tulips, the canals, the buildings, the food, the museums, the bikes, the beer, the shopping, yeah, you get the idea. 

But more about those things later. 

Because today I'm going to tell you about our Amsterdam flea market find. (That's right, I dragged Tod to a flea market on our honeymoon. I just couldn't help myself, but Tod's a good man, and he loves me (a lot), so he was willing to indulge my junking needs, even on our honeymoon.) 

As far as flea markets go, and even European ones at that, this market was pretty standard. You could find pretty much anything, or, if you asked Tod, you could find "lots of junk." Yeah, well, "lots of junk" just translates to "lots of fun" in my world.

When I came across a booth where an old man was selling coins, photographs, stamps, and prints, I knew what I wanted. I looked around and sure enough, in the corner I found a stack of prints of old maps of Amsterdam. Bingo! Tod and I flipped through all of them and agreed on our favorite one, the one on which we could actually find (and read) the street name where our hotel was. Then came the hard part: talking the old man down from ten euros to seven euros, which was all the cash we had on hand at the time. 

I'm not much of a negotiator, but luckily Tod is, so the map was ours, for seven euros no less. 

We lugged that map (carefully, of course) from Amsterdam to Belgium, then back to France, then to Dallas and from there to Charlotte and then home to Charleston. And when I came across a 50% off plus an additional 25% off coupon for the frame shop at Michael's, I knew exactly what I wanted to frame.

I just picked it up the other day, and I absolutely love it. (It's the first time I've gone for triple matting!) Now I've just got to find a place to hang it on our already well-covered walls . . . .  Wish me luck on that one.


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