1 That's nice linen.

One day either my sister or I overheard our mom talking to herself while doing some ironing. Not to make her sound totally crazy because we all talk to ourselves sometimes (right?), but she was commenting on the quality of the linen she was ironing. "Oh, that's nice linen," she said to no one. We were young so of course we found this to be absolutely hilarious. 

So now, whenever we see or touch fabric we like, we're apt to say, "Oh, that's nice linen."

Anyway, the ladies in my family obviously have a thing for fabric so we love any good excuse to get our hands on it, and that includes any good excuse for a trip to the mill.

So one morning in January (I think?) my mom, my sister, and I headed out to the mill in the Subaru in search of wedding linens. (I couldn't care less about the dress, but I was pretty excited about tablecloths. Go figure.)

I wanted to set a casual tone because that's just who I am. And I didn't want anything overtly beach-y because I'm not really into literal decorating. (In other words, when you're at the beach, you don't need to throw seashells on everything for people to understand that you're at the beach. Let nature speak for itself.) 

We had a very successful day at the mill and walked away with gobs of fabric, enough to clothe the tables for Friday night's barbecue and Saturday's wedding and reception. And we even had enough for a few special projects, which I cannot wait to share with you! 

Swatches from our successful day at the mill


Anonymous said...

What a teaser you are. gimmee more.kiup

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