0 The Bouquet

Of course I absolutely loved the corsages and boutonnieres that my mom so lovingly crafted for the wedding, and so it should come as no surprise to you that I also asked my mom whether she'd consider making my bouquet.

Thankfully, she agreed.

And as with the corsages and boutonnieres, I did not want freshly cut flowers. Nope, I wanted fabric.

So on the big day, my mom surprised me with this precious cupcake of a bouquet.

All I know is that the handle came from an old rolling pin that my mom found somewhere along the way, and the fabric, which y'all have seen in the past few posts, came from the mill. Otherwise, I have no idea how she made such a wonderful thing with just her two hands.

But I can say that it did not wilt at all in the horrific weather. 

And the best part: it now lives on the top righthand corner of a set of shelves in our dining room, so I get to see it often, and it always makes me smile.


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