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One of the main reasons we wanted to get married at the beach was so that our girls--Heidi and Zelda--could be a part of things. If the weather had cooperated, Heidi and Zelda would have joined us on the beach for the ceremony. (I've said it many times, but I'll go ahead and say it again. Yes, we're those people.)

As I told you yesterday, the weather didn't cooperate.

And . . . because Heidi has some anxiety issues (translation: she melts into a panting, pacing, pile of drool at the first sound of thunder or even at the first sound of something that just sort of sounds like thunder), she decided to skip the ceremony and spend her afternoon wedged beneath the twin bed in Tod's room.

Zelda wanted to attend the ceremony, but she really didn't want to ruin her fancy clothes, so she decided to wait until the weather cleared up a bit to make her grand appearance. 

The good news: we did not end up with a dog-free ceremony after all because Tod's parents have two boy dogs, Roscoe and Scooter (also known as Tod's four-legged brothers), and those boys don't mind thunder or wear fancy clothes. Plus, seeing as how we were getting married in their driveway, it's only right that they were there to supervise.  

Scooter just loved the fancy collar my mom made for him. Oh, and when it came time for the group to recite the Lord's Prayer, Scooter knew just what to do and joined in with his barks. I only wish we had it on video. 

As for Roscoe, he also loved his fancy collar (even though you can't see it in the pic). In fact, he loved it so much that he was still wearing it when we saw him on Sunday morning. Who knew dogs could do the walk of shame? 

Thanks, boys, for being such a fun part of our special day!


Anonymous said...

We loved it, Nanty!

Anonymous said...

Any good wedding ends with someone wvearing the same clothes the next day. Go Roscoe!

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