4 The Dress

Now that you've seen my bouquet, I guess a word or two (or many more) about the dress might be in order. 

Y'all may remember this post when I told you how ridiculous I found the whole dress shopping experience to be. 

I went to exactly two bridal salons, both on the same afternoon, and I think I probably tried on about ten dresses total. The prices of the dresses were outrageous; the rhinestones and layers of tulle were enough to make me break out in hives; and the salesgirls were, let's just say, not nice. 

So anyway, I ended up right back where I'd started because, you see, I'd already seen the dress I wanted on Etsy, but I guess I felt like before I ordered a dress sight unseen--and unmade actually since it would be custom-made for me by someone I'd never even meet--I had to at least go to a bridal store and try on real life dresses (gowns even). Because isn't that like a thing brides are supposed to do? I'm going to blame Hollywood for that misguided notion. I should have just ordered the amazing knee-length, portrait-collared, silk wrap dress that I saw on Etsy from the start, because from the second I saw it, I couldn't forget it. 

And I did order that dress eventually, because after several emails back and forth with the designer's assistant, I felt confident that it would be well-made, appropriate for an afternoon beach wedding, and, most importantly, something I'd absolutely love. I even talked the designer into adding pockets for me, and you know how I feel about a dress with pockets! 

Because we were doing this whole dress-making thing long distance, it was definitely an exercise in trust. The designer's assistant first mailed me some fabric swatches so I could choose the shade/weight of silk dupioni that I preferred. I actually didn't choose one of the swatches she sent me; I told her I wanted something in the shade of one of the swatches but that I wanted something a bit thicker and more textured. I trusted her to choose great fabric, and she did. Next, I asked a co-worker, who is herself a great seamstress, to come to my office and take my measurements. I emailed my measurements to the designer and then sat back and waited--a bit nervously of course--for the dress to arrive in the mail. The box weighed next to nothing when I received it, which was worrisome, and when I opened it I was surprised to find a dress with sleeves since I thought I'd ordered a dress without sleeves. My reaction was something like, "huh." But in the end, the sleeves were a very lucky mistake because they were beautiful and I loved them. Not to mention the fact that I probably would have been chilly without them.  

So here you go: the dress.

Between the wrap feature (no Spanx required!), the flattering portrait collar, and the hidden pockets, I think my dress deserves some kind of award for being the most comfortable wedding dress ever. Thank you so much, Katherine and Maria. The dress was absolutely perfect.


Anonymous said...

We are loving your 31 days gig. The wedding adventure, process and the oh-so-special-stuff, not to mention your beautiful, yet real writing makes us smile, again. kiup.

Dress shirt design said...

Nice pictures. Dress looks Simple but beautiful

Nan said...

Thank you! And after checking out your website, I'm thinking you could make an amazing dress shirt dress! Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

I think the bride's beauty was complimented by the elegant simplicity of her dress. It was a perfect selection!

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