0 The Kids' Table

As y'all know, Tod and I welcomed children of all ages at our wedding (even a few of the grown-up kind), and to make sure those little hands didn't get too bored, we unfurled a roll of brown craft paper and spread out the Crayolas.

I'm Nantie. Get it? Auntie Nantie.
The funny thing is, the brown paper actually may have gathered more signatures than the Pawleys Island book that we set out as a guest registry, as the Great Storm of 2012 hit and the table that held the Pawleys Island book was whisked away to make room for the Great Driveway Wedding of 2012.

The good news is that a huge piece of the brown paper survived the storm. I actually pulled it out this morning to look at it because I'm thinking there just might be a few frame-worthy portions. I'll certainly let you know how that goes.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, we also planned activities and games for the children, things like throwing clothespins and beanie babies in a bucket and blowing bubbles. (Well, I say "we," but really my nieces and nephews deserve all the credit for those.) I also made sure we had a croquet set on hand because, well, because that's just something I wanted to have on hand. Of course, you now know that Mother Nature had different plans for us that day, so most of our games went un-played. Nevertheless, I assure you that we had more fun than we ever could have imagined. And anyway, good preparation is half the battle, right?


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