0 The Other Dress

Yesterday I told you about my wedding dress, but you ought to know that I was not the only one dressed in white on the big day.

And while I wore a simple silk dress, I'll have you know that the other girl wore beaded satin and lace. Her dress was even lined with tulle.

Oh, and I did not wear a veil. She did, of course.

She's such a little diva.

But she's my little diva. 

Zelda's dress was a Christmas present from Tod's sister last year, and despite the look of confusion on her face in these pictures, she had a blast at the party. In fact, I think it's fair to say that she just all-around enjoys being the center of attention. All the time. No matter the occasion. Bottom line though, and we both agree on this: Best. Christmas present. Ever. Thanks, Montgomery.


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