1 O Tannenbaum

We went in search of a Christmas tree.

We wound up at Hyams Garden Store on James Island.

The big trees dazzled us, of course.

But we wanted a small tree, a table tree, because we live together in a small space filled with lots of things, and, well, because Zelda shares that small space with us, and she's much less likely to climb a tree on a table.

Speaking of Zelda, did you spot her on the tree? Front and center, of course. 

Heidi is there, too. With her sweet, sad eyes.

And Penny is there, too. This will be the first Christmas in a long, long time without her, but we know she'll be with us in spirit.
The photograph of Penny goes back to the days before I had any real ornaments of my own; rather than buying new ornaments, I simply cut photographs into circles and hung them on the tree. They've made an appearance every year since so I guess they've become sort of classic.

Classic like . . . Ernie and Big Bird.

But our new favorite ornament has to be these frogs that Tod's aunt and uncle recently gave us. So fitting on many levels (remember this post?), and I loved the message that came with the ornament. It talked about frogs being a symbol of good luck and good fortune because they represent creativity and life and forward movement, and if you think about it, it makes perfect sense: frogs cannot move backwards.


d said...

Good looking ornaments...someone has GREAT taste!

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