0 A Few Notes

NOTE #1: I learned my first new word of 2013 last week. It came about organically; I was reading a Fourth Circuit opinion that landed on my desk (United States v. Allmendinger, No. 11-5162, in case you're curious) when I came across a word I did not recognize. I could glean the meaning of the word from the context of the sentence, and on any other occasion, I fully admit that I would have hopped right past the unrecognized word and continued on my way. But with "Project Thirteen" in full swing, instead of skipping ahead, I pulled out the Dictionary.

The word I didn't recognize was "inveigle."

Do you recognize it? 

If not, here's the sentence in which it was used:

"The court concluded that 'when you are operating a business that is based on fraud, you are charged with the knowledge that you potentially put at risk everybody's money that you've got and you've stolen and inveigled them to part with.' "

The definition:


  1. Persuade (someone) to do something by means of deception or flattery.
  2. Gain entrance to (a place) by using such methods.
entice - lure - tempt - seduce - allure - decoy - coax

So there you go. I've learned a new word.

NOTE #2: As I've told y'all, the night before our wedding, Tod's parents hosted a wonderful party for our guests--barbecue, booze, music. The barbecue, it was delicious; the booze, it was plentiful; and the music, well, it was good and loud and fun--the kind of music that makes you want to dance.

So, who played the good, loud, and fun music? The one and only Ned Durrett and the Kindly Gents, that's who.

And if you were there and enjoyed their music, or if you just enjoy being a patron of the arts, particularly when it involves adorable USC students, then check out their Kickstarter page and make a pledge. (Click here.) They are trying to raise $5500 to create a full-length studio album, and as of this writing they have raised $3412, with sixteen days to go. We're so very happy to support these guys.

NOTE #3: Tod and I attended our first random ticketed event (I'm talking about "Project Thirteen" again) two weeks ago. Comedians Vic Henley and Rory Scovel performed at the Footlight Players Theater as a part of Charleston Comedy Week, and although we're not huge stand-up followers, the idea behind attending thirteen random ticketed events in 2013 is to push ourselves to try things we may not otherwise try. Because trying new things from time to time is important. At least I think it is. (I'm not sure if Tod totally agrees with me on that one, but he's a good sport nonetheless.) The venue was new to both of us; it's great. And we enjoyed the show. 

NOTE #4: While we're on the subject of attending random ticketed events, we'll be attending event number two on Friday night, when we head up to the North Charleston Performing Arts Center for The Price is Right Live. No, I'm not kidding. And yes, Tod and I are hoping that we get called to "Come on Down!" If we happen to win something fabulous, I'll definitely let you know.

Okay, that's it for now. The days are busy for me, so the posting has taken a backseat, but I'll try to post the second half of the sofa story this weekend.

One final note: hug someone you love tonight. Because life is precious and wild and sweet, but sometimes it's just hard to understand.


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