0 Art

My mom likes to paint.

Tod and I like what she paints.

So for Christmas this year, we asked her to paint some canvases for our little suite at the beach. 

As usual, she was happy to oblige. 

In all, I think we received 11 pieces from her. Some fun, some serious, all wonderful.

I kept three of my favorites for our walls in Charleston (I'll show you those later) and took the other eight to the beach, where they quickly made themselves at home on the knotty pine.

A sweet tribute to Penny on the right. Two west coast scenes on the left.

Five little ones by mom to the left of a giant one by Ernest Lee (a/k/a "the Chicken Man") on the right.

So--and I know Tod joins me in saying this--thank you, thank you, Mom, for all the time and energy you put into helping us making this little room feel so special, not only for the wonderful art, but also for the wedding tablecloths-turned-bed linens. But mostly, for all the love. Lots and lots of love. 

This place feels so much like home.


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