1 One last thing

I've got one last thing to show you about our little room at the beach, and then I promise I'll move on to something different.

When I started all the spray painting several months ago, I thought Tod might enjoy a project of his own. My dad is a builder, which means that my mom and I can usually talk him into bringing old scraps of things home from his renovation projects, scraps of things that would otherwise head to the landfill, scraps of things like old pieces of molding.

So, with a couple of old pieces of molding in hand, I headed to Pawleys Island Supplies and picked up a handful of brass hooks. I gave everything to Tod and let him have at it.

The results:

A few months later, we finally got around to putting these bad boys to use by hanging them on the wall behind the door in our room. They're out of the way but still very convenient for hanging coats, hats, towels, bathing suits, you name it.

Oh, and Tod has so much fun with his project that he headed back to Pawleys Island Supplies and bought more hooks for hanging all the crab traps underneath the house.

Who knew hooks could be so much fun?


Scott Moise said...

Can I borrow you, Tod, and your mom the next time we're all at the beach?! I'm in serious need of new ideas for our house.I am about ready to take down all art work and replace with the Chicken Man art, so at least we'd have some continuity. And I love the Chicken Man.

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