1 Spigot

Merriam-Webster defines "spigot" as "the plug of a faucet or cock." (And I'll leave that at that.)

Here's my slightly different definition of spigot: a fun and inexpensive way to update the plain white drawer knob on a bedside table.


And yes, I received more than a few strange looks as I hunted through the little drawers at the hardware store for just the right size screw to make it happen.

It's fun. Plus, this project only cost about three bucks, and you can't beat that.

Oh, and do you see the fish hanging on the wall, swimming in opposite directions like the Pisces that I am? Tod picked them up years ago at a junk shop in Summterton. They're made from recycled rebar (among other things), and they weigh a million pounds. Okay, maybe just something like ten pounds. But anyway, apparently a professor at my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, crafted them. Love 'em.

Tomorrow I'll try to show y'all some more stuff we've hung on the walls in our comfy little beach house room--stuff I love even more than the spigot knob and the rebar fish if you can believe that.


Anna Gall said...

Nan, I love this room!

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