1 Towel Bar Update

Back when I was busy spray painting furniture and moving stuff around in our room at the beach house, one of the first things I talked Tod into doing was pulling down the towel bar that hung not-so-conveniently above one of the twin beds. 

It actually wasn't a difficult project. The bar slid right out, and then Tod used a crowbar to pry the supports from the wall.
Better already, right?

Okay, so the basket of towels was a temporary thing because I still wanted to hang towel bars in the room, just perhaps a bit more out of sight. And because I'm a use-what-you-have kind of girl, I came up with an idea. On one of my trips to Home Depot (for more spray paint, I'm sure), I brought the original towel bar with me and asked a nice man who worked in the lumber section to cut it in half (since I don't own a rip saw, box saw, or any other kind of saw).  

So one bar became two, and with two bars in hand, it was time to find something with which to hang those bars.  

I searched Home Depot but found nothing.

So I headed to K-Mart, where I found these hanging plant brackets in the garden section for $2.49 a piece. I picked up four and called it a day.

Because the plant brackets were meant to hang only one way and I, of course, wanted them to hang the other way (so the bars would not be too far away from the wall), I asked my dad to drill some new holes in the brackets.

Then, because I didn't like the way the naked wood looked in the end of the brackets, I broke out my handy black craft paint and camouflaged them a bit. (It's a step I contemplated skipping, but I'm so glad I didn't.)

Then it was time to hang them. Two towel bars for a total of $10. Can't beat that.

Now all of those wet towels have their own little special nook where they can hang out. (Pun definitely intended.)

If you liked this post then get excited because I have a few more room updates to share with you. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The bridal suite at the beach is adorable. You two are so smart. More please. kiup

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