2 Where to begin?

I've been gone from the blog-world for so long that I hardly know where to begin. Tod says I owe my blog readers an apology. I wouldn't go that far. First of all, I'm not sure I really have "blog readers." I have family. And friends. But I'm pretty sure the handful or two of y'all haven't missed my blog posts that much. 

Anyway, dear "blog readers," I do hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We certainly did. First married Christmas and all that. And in case you missed us, here is our Christmas in Greenville in 31 pictures. Lots of children. Lots of dogs. Lots of special memories.

Zelda loved spending time in her old stomping ground.
Chilly enough for hot chocolate!

How many bitches can one couch hold? (I count four.)

Heidi and Zelda had the best time getting to know their new niece, Minnie. She's a precious puppy.

Minnie actually wore Zelda out, if you can believe that.
Heidi, too. 
Zelda loves her Aunt Emily.

A trip to the Greenville Zoo was in order.

This guy moves fast. You better watch him closely.
We met Kiko! (He was born at the Zoo on October 22.)

And we bonded with the orangutans.

And then some of us acted like orangutans.

I told you he moves fast.

This is one of those pictures that will be funny in about ten years . . . 

But maybe not as funny as this one. Richards was done with pictures for the day.

Lo! Unto us a child is born.
Like I said, the girls had the best time getting to know Minnie. Zelda and Minnie bonded particularly well.

And the stockings were hung by the chimney on the kitchen cabinets with care.
Why is opening presents so much more fun when children are involved?
I caught this guy trying to sneak a bite of the mac and cheese.

And this guy was positively thrilled with his new legos.

I'm pretty sure she'll have juggling down pat soon. 
Santa did well this year. Can't you tell?
And this is what happens when you try to get a group photo. (Yes, Richards is eating a bag of marshmallows.)
Getting better.

And that's a wrap.


Scott Moise said...

Tod was right. You DO have readers, faithful readers,and we were missing your blog mightily. Apology accepted. :)

Anonymous said...

I am with Scott and a herd of others. missed. missed. missed you bunches. Christmas was glorious. You captured great memories. kiup

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