0 The Rarebit & SEWE

Last night Tod and I tried our first new restaurant of 2013 as part of Project Thirteen-- The Rarebit.

The verdict-- yes, we liked it very much. Honestly, any place that serves breakfast all day pretty much has me at omelet. Although I actually went with the bacon, egg & cheese sandwich last night. 

The pic is dark, but you get the idea. Oh yeah, I also had a side of the breakfast potatoes. Delish. Even better than how great I remember the Waffle House tasting on a Friday night (when I was about 18).

My favorite thing about the restaurant, though, probably had to be the fancy little copper mugs that people were drinking from at the bar. For Moscow mules maybe? No clue. But I loved them, and if I were permitted to take a restaurant souvenir, I'd definitely grab one of those. Because I'm a sucker for anything copper. Plus, hot chocolate would probably taste mighty fine out of one of those.

More news:

This weekend, Charleston is hosting SEWE, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. It's pretty great, and we took the opportunity today--while we were out walking--to wander through the tents in Marion Square.

Despite the gray skies and the cool temps, folks were out and about. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've never seen in one place so many Boykin Spaniels attached to Tory-Burch-boot-wearing ladies and/or Patagonia-jacket-wearing lads. #stuffwhitepeoplelike.

It was a slight change of pace from the usual Saturday morning farmer's market, what, with the boiled peanuts and the wall climbing with a Francis Marion backdrop. 

Tod's in the kitchen now cooking a recipe from the February issue of Bon Appetit-- chorizo and white bean stew with baby spinach. And honestly, on this cold evening, I can think of nothing finer. 

Happy Saturday, folks. Hug your dogs tonight and maybe give your houseplants a little extra love tomorrow. It's winter, and it's cold. But life goes on.


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