1 The Story of a Sofa, Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of this story, click here.

While our sofa was at the upholstery shop, we did what anyone else would do and substituted our two mismatched wingback chairs.
These wingbacks are scavenger specials, my mom being the scavenger, and the special part being that she scavenged them from lives lived out in the landfill. They were in good condition (she actually knew the owners) so she just took them to her reupholstery man and the rest is, as they say, history. The brown velvet one on the left has lived with me in Charleston since I moved down here about eight years ago, while the murky-colored one on the right (known as the "ugly chair" due to its monkey-vomit coloring) lived with Tod in Sumter before he moved down here. They aren't identical, but now that they live in the same place, I really like that one looks more like a man chair and the other looks more like a lady chair. In fact, I think of them as a couple: Mr. and Mrs. Wingback if you will.

Back to the story of the sofa though: once William returned it, the rest of the room needed some help.

You may remember this post from when I headed to the mill last fall with mom in search of fabric for the chairs. I was feeling the blues.

I walked out with a roll of navy blue linen-ish fabric with a coral motif for the two wingbacks. (I can't remember the exact price, but I think I paid about 60 to 70 bucks for a total of 20 yards.)

With the fabric picked out for the chairs, it was time for me to get to work on two dressers I inherited from Nicole. (Remember this post?) When Nicole moved, she gave them to mom, but then I got my hands on them as the next in the line of hand-me-downs, and I brought them down to Charleston one at a time in the CR-V. The one you can see in the bottom lefthand corner of the next picture was lucky enough to tailgate with us one day. (This is what the back of my car typically looks like after I visit my parents and sister. What can I say except that hand-me-downs are the best.)

Anyway, because the tables that used to live beside my old couch (see below) are living a new life as bedside tables in our room at the beach (see even further below), we needed something to live beside our little red sofa, and I knew those dressers would be perfect.

Here's a pic from a year ago: my old couch covered in the $6.99 Pottery Barn denim slipcover from Goodwill, a whole bunch of random pillows, and two old black metal sofa tables (with wood on top that dad cut from junk lumber). 

Anyway, you may remember that those black table frames received a coat of heirloom white spray paint.

And they now live a whole new life as bedside tables. 

Back to our living room though, or more specifically, those dressers I inherited from Nicole. Remember her cloffice/offiset?

I just knew that they would fit on the sides of our little red sofa (yay for extra storage!), but I wasn't digging the blue/gray color. Too little boyish or something. And not nearly enough fun for a red couch or Mr. and Mrs. Wingback.

After a lot of thought, I decided to go with a glossy jade green and spent about twenty bucks on six cans at Lowe's. My color choice was inspired by lots of things like the Persian rug you can see in the picture below, or more particularly, the great contrast with the red of the rug and the red of the sofa. (Red and green are opposites on the color wheel, after all). I was also inspired by two pieces of stained glass that hang in our dining room, as well as by two green candlesticks my mom picked up for me at a thrift shop, which you can see in the last picture of this post. 

After sanding and cleaning, it was time to spray.

The trick: lots of thin, even coats.

With such a loud color, I wanted to go with a more sophisticated drawer pull. After a little bit of web surfing, I stumbled upon myknobs.com and picked out eight brass lion's head pulls. The best part: they were on clearance for about two bucks a piece.

Two totally transformed dressers for a total of forty bucks = not too bad.

But then, it was time to deal with Mr. and Mrs. Wingback.

I called our upholstery man, William, and he took the drab and made it fab. (I can't believe I just wrote that. I don't really talk like that.)

I know: it's loud; it's a lot of color; and it's busy. 

But it's us. 

I mean, go figure, because after all, when one rug wasn't enough here, I went with two

And I'm still -- for lack of better words -- moving stuff around. For example, I picked up this little glass lamp at T.J.Maxx a few weeks ago for $24.99. I guess even I felt like not everything in the room should ooze with color.

And in fact, the other wall of this room doesn't ooze with color either. It's where our old flea market Wendy's table lives, where we eat breakfast and supper most days. And if you didn't know us but walked in the room, you'd surely know that we got married because that canvas (a Groupon deal gone wild) is freaking huge.

At the end of the day, I know this place isn't for everyone. I mean, a red camelback sofa, bright green dressers, navy coral chairs, rug-on-rug action -- I totally get it -- it's out there. But that's okay, too, because it's ours (and because Tod is nice enough not to complain when I take things too far out there). It's our home. It's where we live. And although mi casa es su casa, I recognize that my style my not be your style. But I think that's how it's supposed to be. I think that's how style works: the whole to-each-her-own thing. After all -- as my mom is fond of saying -- that's why they make chocolate, and vanilla, and strawberry, and mint chocolate chip, and cookies and cream, and rocky road, and phish food, and . . . I could go on for a while here . . . .  

It seems I have a thing for ice cream. 

You know what else I have a thing for right now: our little red sofa. It's a connection to the past -- to people I did not have the chance to meet -- while at the same time, it's today -- now. Either way though, it's us. 


Anonymous said...

nan + tod, your beautiful home rocks. thanks for sharing it. kiup

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