1 This time

This time last year the scene looked a little like this.

At least, it looked like this after the rain. And the hail. And the waterspout. Oh, and the wedding! Yes! The very special wedding that took place despite the calamitous weather.

This time this year, Tod and I celebrated 365 days of marriage by boarding a plane. And wouldn't you know, it was raining (so hard, in fact, that the turbulence on the plane may or may not have had me in tears, even though turbulence usually does not bother me).

And we headed south. 

To Mexico.

So this time this year the scene looked a little like this.

It was magical. But more about that later. Because something else really important also happened this time this year. 

Specifically, my sister welcomed her fifth (not a typo) baby into the world. And I was lucky enough to meet her just hours after her entry. She's a doll--all eight pounds, nine ounces of her.

My sister's a doll, too.
The little lady enjoyed her first bath. And look at that hair! (Babies in our family usually don't have much.) And those sweet little hands clutching the towel! And those rosebud ears! Oh, and those precious arm wrinkles! Love.

 Yes, she is definitely loved. 

So I guess it's true what they say: a lot can happen in a year. 


Jen said...

Loved reading this post! And your photos are absolutely amazing. :)

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