0 A Room with a View (Montreux)

From Paris we hopped on a high-speed train to Geneva, Switzerland, where we transferred to a slow-speed train that wound its way along the edges of Lake Geneva until it reached the Swiss Riviera resort town of Montreux. 

We hopped off the train, bags on our backs (and my extra bag on Tod's shoulder), and made our way to our hotel--a mystery, four-star deal I took a chance on with Travelocity. 

The hotel was great--swanky in an 80's way. Our room wasn't quite ready when we arrived so we hung out in the mirrored-ceiling lobby. Yes, I took mirrored-ceiling pictures.

Because that's just the kind of thing that my camera and I get a kick out of.

Here's a better view of the swanky 80's lobby.

Our room was huge and well-appointed, with a balcony that extended the length of the room.
And the view, well, it was absolutely incredible, especially in the morning as the sun started to rise.

I sat on the balcony and literally oohed and aahed. 

I'll share more about Montreux later because it's an odd but charming little place.


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