0 A Room with a View (Paris)

When we entered our little Parisian apartment on the Ile Saint-Louis (after climbing the mountain of stairs I showed you the other day), one of the first things we checked out was the view. The studio had one large window, and it flooded the apartment with light.

When you looked out the window to the right, you could see the Ile de la Cite. (If you walked out to the intersection you can see in this picture, you'd be staring directly across to the back of Notre Dame.

When you looked out the window to the left, you looked straight up the Rue Saint-Louis en l'lle, a largely residential street with a few shops and restaurants.

Even the view directly across the street was pretty amazing.

So amazing, in fact, that my sweet mom painted it for us this year for Christmas. 

My mom doesn't really consider herself to be an artist, which is crazy because she's so talented. This painting is one of my very favorite things.


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