1 Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in

I was going to share some more pics of Mexico tonight, but when a friend posted this article from the New York Times ("How I Became a Hipster" by Henry Alford) on his Facebook page today, I figured today's post should be about Brooklyn. (The article may do nothing for you, but Tod and I found it pretty entertaining. Plus, I learned a new word: abattoir, which means slaughterhouse. Hello, new word #5.)  

Anyway, when Tod proposed to me in the midst of the Charleston airport approximately 17 months ago, we were actually on our way to New York. And one of the things we made sure to do while there--I'm serious--was to go to Brooklyn for bagels. Like, we made a specific trip across the river for bagels. That's just how we roll . . . all because Tod had read something about how Brooklyn bagels are better than Manhattan bagels because of the spring water or something (right, Tod?). In all honestly, we really had a thing for bagels going on at the time. 

And so here we are eating Brooklyn bagels.

Just the kind of photos you want to put on the internet for the whole world to see, right? Just keepin' it real, folks.

In addition to eating Brooklyn bagels, we also spent time in Brooklyn holding a beautiful baby girl, attending a wonderful wedding party, and walking the ever-enchanting Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

So why am I telling you all of this now? 

Well, because Tod and I are heading back to New York next month for his cousin's wedding (we can't wait!), and I'm pretty sure we'll be crossing the river at some point for a quick sojourn in hipsterville. Hello, Brookyln Flea Market! (Meanwhile, Tod will be honing his knife skills at 3rd Ward and/or searching for that all-artisinal-mayonnaise store in Prospect Heights.) 

Like I said, we can't wait.


Anonymous said...

We still have a thing for bagels.

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