0 Climbing Sacre-Coeur (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1, scroll down to yesterday's post.  

Now back to the climb. 

To get to the top, you climb stairs inside and outside and inside and outside, and you don't always feel entirely safe, especially if you're prone to a fear of heights like I am. And if you're American, the following will probably cross your mind at some point: "This would never be allowed in the U.S. -- too much liability -- stupid lawyers." 

At one point, you'll turn a corner and see this, making your climb just that much more worthwhile.

I was a little bit scared when we reached the top cupola (it's way up there, and it was windy), so I just sat back against the wall until I worked up the courage to get closer to the edge.

Tod sat down, too. 

But I don't think he was scared. Because he didn't waste any time before he started wandering around taking pictures.

I wanted to take pictures, too. So I stood up and took them, with my back planted firmly against the inner wall, of course.

My fears did subside a bit eventually, and I made my way to the edge.

As I said, Tod was totally comfortable going right to the edge.

We took lots of pictures (imagine that); of course, they don't really do the whole experience justice, but I'm still glad to have them.

And when we'd spent enough time admiring this amazing place, we made our way back down.

After all, what goes up must come down.


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