0 French Press (in Mexico)

Our coffee maker is on the fritz right now. (It's a Bunn that we received for our wedding, and we LOVE it. We love it even more now because Bunn's customer service has been so great; when I described the problems we were having, they put a new one in the mail to us. Now that's what I call customer service.)

I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but once or twice a week I really enjoy a cup in the morning. And a couple mornings this week I had time for a cup, but I had no way to make it. Sad. 

In any event, one of my favorite things about our lengthy buffet breakfasts in Mexico was the French press coffee I enjoyed each morning. So our current coffee maker situation actually got me thinking that maybe I ought to have a French press on hand. (I see them from time to time at places like Tuesday Morning and T.J. Maxx so I maybe I'll pick one up next time.)


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