3 I'm back.

So I sort of fell down on the whole blogging-every-day-in-May thing, but with good excuse. Tod and I headed out of town last weekend for a friend's wedding. (I don't really have an excuse for my failure to blog on Monday and Tuesday though.) We went to Wilmington, North Carolina, where we stayed at a charming bed and breakfast.
If you're in the market for a bed and breakfast in Wilmington, we highly recommend the Port City Guest House. Sophie will make you feel right at home. She'll fill your belly with all sorts of delicious food (seriously, I ate four pieces of bacon at breakfast one day), and she'll even drive you to your wedding when the mercury reaches a too-hot-for-my-husband-to-walk-in-his-suit-and-tie temperature.

We pretty much fell in love with Wilmington. It's a cool little city with a lot to appreciate. It's like a mix of Charleston and Asheville and Brooklyn and Savannah and . . . who even knows what else? 

History. Great architecture. Beautiful churches. A waterfront farmer's market. Good beer. Quirky people. Old bricks. A naval ship. Spanish moss. Hills. Ancient magnolias. Old things. New things. And pretty much everything in between. 

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1858

The Presbyterian Church caught Tod's attention. I think it had something to do with the steeple--you know, the whole GAMECOCK thing. Does anyone know the story behind this one?

He spotted the special steeple while I was reading about Henry Bacon. Mmm, bacon--I ate a lot of bacon last weekend.

This beautiful old building is in nan plaza, because I'm pretty sure the "Ke" before "nan" is meant to be silent.
At least it's silent in this picture!

Yes, I loved this old fixture. What is it about old painted things? And beadboard? They get me every time.

I also love old brick buildings.

And daisies--I love daisies! They make me smile. 

So I guess I must be doing okay with the whole husband-training thing . . . because he pretty much knows now without asking that, yes, I do want to walk into that antiques store.

What is it about reflection pictures? I love them, although I have promised Tod I'll try to cool it with the sunglass-snaps. (I guess he's pretty tired of having his pores on display. But I think that's just what he gets for wearing such amazingly reflective sunglasses. Right? I mean, he could sport dented, scratched lenses from the Walgreens check-out counter like I do, and then I probably wouldn't take these pictures.)
We stopped for (NC) beers at Smoke on Front Street.

But the sunglass-snaps are just so fun.

Oh, you know what else was so fun? The wedding. Yes, the wedding was so fun

So fun, in fact, that the final pictures of the evening all look like this. (No, you do not need to have your eyes checked. Or maybe you do, but it's not because of this picture. And yes, we are wearing glow stick necklaces. Like I said, so fun.)


Clark and JP Lee said...

Nan! Do you remember mr McCoy who lived on McIver st? Awesome backyard, afton park named after him, built sirrene stadium?? Henry bacon was his uncle I think. He helped him build Lincoln memorial I think. Random childhood connection!

Nan said...

Wait, that is hilarious. Because of course I remember Mr. McCoy. Jamie and I used to go climb in the random tree house in his backyard. And he'd have kids in for scary stories on Halloween. That's awesome. I love random childhood connections!

Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. Tink, turn over a penny. Mr. McCoy was proud indeed.

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