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As I mentioned yesterday, Tod and I just got back from a wonderful anniversary trip to Mexico.

And then this morning while Tod and I were walking our girls down Chisolm Street, I reminded him that this time last year we were in the midst of our honeymoon, and, in fact, we were just waking up after a long night spent sleeping (not well) on a train that took us from Basel, Switzerland, to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (Sidenote: if you've been to Amsterdam on Queen's Day, April 30, then you know that the city does not look its best on May 1, the day we arrived, but that's another day's post. Despite the ugly welcome on May 1, we actually fell quite in love with the city. Again, that's another day's post.)

So between our recent nacho-filled jaunt to the Land of Pacifico and all of our reminiscing about last year's whirlwind European honeymoon, you can say that I've got travel on my mind. 

I think Tod does, too.

And so he suggested that I should blog every day in May about travel. A picture or two here, a few words there. A travelogue, so to speak. 

According to www.merriam-webster.com:


1: a talk or lecture on travel usually accompanied by a film or slides

2: a narrated motion picture about travel

3: a piece of writing about travel

Yay for new word #4 for Project Thirteen! I do, however, promise not to lecture on travel. First and foremost, travel should be fun, and in my world, "lecture" usually does not equal fun. Like I said, a picture or five here, a few words there. That's the plan. 

So, back to Mexico. We spent four nights at The Beloved Hotel in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. I told you yesterday that it was magical and I meant that.

When we arrived, we took a quick tour, dropped off our stuff in our beautiful room, and headed to a poolside restaurant for a late lunch. We were greeted with guacamole. We didn't even have to order it; they just brought it. Like I said: magic.

Later that afternoon, we made our way to the martini/sushi bar/lounge. 

Still full from our late lunch, we skipped sushi and ordered drinks. I ordered the Mandarin tini--some sort of concoction with mandarin something-or-other and pineapple juice. Tod ordered some kind of margarita.

We sat beneath stretched swaths of canvas, which were lit here and there in green and red and blue. We listened to Mexican smooth jazz. 

And we sat beneath the moon and watched the sky turn the most amazing shade of blue.

At one point we looked at each other and wondered whether we'd been drugged. No lie. We just felt that relaxed--more relaxed, in fact, than we'd felt in years. You know what I have to say about that? Bienvenidos a Mexico.


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