1 The Little Things

Are mimosas solely a breakfast/brunch thing? 

Not in this house. It's 7:00 on Sunday evening and I'm drinking one right now. That's because mimosas are an anytime thing; they're good for any given hour. When we walked our girls to the dog park this evening, I told Tod that I thought a mimosa might be fun. As it so happens, we had orange juice and a bottle of champagne in the fridge--we try to be prepared for mimosa moments--so boom, there you go. Because it's the little things.

(Of course, we are having leftover venison chili for supper, and I'm not sure mimosas and deer meat go hand in hand--is that like wearing pearls with your camo? I'll worry about that later, or we'll just eat later.)

Like I said, it's the little things.

Speaking of the little things, this weekend did not disappoint. It was filled with so many of them (like most weekends are), and I did my best to take note.

The little things . . . 

Like the meals we shared with family, one of which included a very special magic show put on my sister's oldest two.

Like the last-minute day off I received on Friday. (Thank you, tropical storm Andrea; I'm finally caught up on my housework!)

LIke the hydrangeas blooming in the yard. (One bloom has found its way into a Mason jar on our table.)

Like the fact that our littlest girl likes to sit at the table in the chair next to me while I blog.

Did I say sit? I meant sleep.

Sitting or sleeping, either way I love her company. There's nothing quite like her moral support.

Because it's the little things, right?

Like making a jar of pickles even though I don't like pickles . . . because making pickles sounds fun. 

Like showing up at church at 8:45 when it doesn't start until 10 . . . because we've been out of town for so many weekends that we didn't know about the summer schedule.

Like giving my husband a haircut on the front stoop . . . because yes, apparently we are those people . . . and because it's so much more fun to cut human hair than it is to cut doll hair (but don't tell your six-year-old that).

Like playing in the dirt and planting edible things . . . because even though our garden is a mostly concrete thing secured by an HVAC unit, we're all about using what we've got.

Speaking of our "mostly concrete thing secured by an HVAC unit," I guess I can mark an item off the Project Thirteen list: "grow thirteen edible plants." Because after a trip to Lowe's yesterday, I've got thirteen edible plants in the dirt (although whether they're "growing" is a different question entirely). Our thirteen plants are: rosemary, green peppers, red peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweet basil, purple basil, spicy oregano, sweet mint, okra, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, container tomatoes, and flat leaf parsley.

Before I could get our new edibles in the dirt, I had to tackle our "mostly concrete thing secured by an HVAC unit." 

I'm not a neat cook, and I'm certainly not a neat gardener. 

Tod just loves to catch me at moments like this.

I tamed the jungle, if only a little bit. It just brings out the best of that HVAC unit, wouldn't you say?

And now we'll see what grows. 

Oh, and I made a ton of cole slaw this weekend. Because what else was I supposed to do with a head of cabbage, a bunch of rainbow carrots (yes, those really exist), and a green pepper?

 Here's to the little things.


Jen said...

Love this post! It's really about the little things, isn't it? I hope you have good luck with your garden. :)

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