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Is anyone still out there after my month away?

(Or maybe the proper question is whether anyone was out there before?)

Well, if you've missed me, then you'll know that I took a little break from this place. A month-long break--for no particular reason really, other than my desire to watch spring turn to summer without too many digital distractions. Because what is better than watching spring turn to summer? I look forward to it every year. (The same goes for watching summer turn to fall and winter to spring, but not so much for fall to winter. What can I say? Winter just doesn't do much for me.) 

So, despite the fact that I often feel daunted by change (not so much the moving-stuff-around kind of change--rather, the I'm-an-adult-now-and-life-is-kind-of-scary kind of change), I do love three out of four of the season changes. I guess my glass is three-quarters full, right?

Anyway, in honor of my return to this place after the slide from spring to summer, I thought I'd spruce it up a bit, you know, make a few changes and move some stuff around, digitally of course. So I took some new header photos this afternoon, and then I promptly spent the next three hours trying to figure out how to resize just one of them to fit across the entire header space. (Is it just me, or has Blogger's HTML gotten more difficult?) I know learning is good, but man can it be frustrating. Very frustrating.  

So although the new header isn't exactly what I had in mind for my springing-into-summer blog revamp, it's honestly the first photo that I could properly stretch across the 940 pixels of this blog's width. So there you go. I'll take it for now. 

Once my blog building frustration wears off, I think I'll try to rework some of the fonts and other design elements, but I've built enough today. Blog building is back breaking work. Literally--I've been hunched over the computer for hours. 

But let's go back to the subject of change. Because I made a big one last week. 

Remember Project Thirteen? Well, item number 8 was to lop off 13 inches of my hair! Done and done. (I've never understood the second "done" there, but I say that all the time.) 

Last Friday, I made a last minute appointment with a fellow at a downtown salon, and I'm happy to say that this mane (or tail?) . . . 


Yes, it apparently takes me two hands to take a selfie. Go figure.

My new 'do feels so great. So, so great.

I will say, however--sort of like how my attempt at revamping the blog fell a little flat tonight--my initial attempt at revamping my hair fell a little flat, too. The guy who cut my hair was timid--I think he thought I'd be upset by losing so much hair even though I told him this was my third time doing Locks of Love--so anyway, he did not go as short as I'd intended, and he kept the back of my hair particularly long, sort of like a mullet. After I got home, I was pretty bummed about it so I actually called him back and told him I'd like a bit more off the back. I've never before called a hairdresser and asked to have a cut fixed so I felt pretty bratty about it, but I'm glad I did because he was happy to take a bit more off, so All's Well that Ends Well.

As for my last Locks of Love experience, which was approximately four years ago, my mane (or tail?) went through a similar transformation.

So here's to changes. Big and small. Because, in the "famous" words of Vertical Horizon: "The only thing for certain is that nothing stays the same." 


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