0 Another post about fabric

Because I apparently have a problem, here is another post about fabric. Exciting, I know.

I told y'all last week that I picked up a few fabric options at the mill for recovering the drop-in seats to our dining room chairs.

The dining room chairs have been covered in a plain khaki fabric for years (at least eight years with me, perhaps longer because they came from my sister and there's no telling when she recovered them). Although plain fabric often works well because it's so versatile, it also can be terribly boring. 

Some of the seats--like this one--still looked okay after all the years. 

But others, not so much. I'm pretty sure that stained seats are not appetizing.

I originally wanted to go with this fabric, which is actually part of an old Pottery Barn duvet cover that my sister was no longer using. The print is small and has a French Provincial feel (I think), but it really is sheet material, not upholstery material. I worried it would rip and stretch and just altogether end up looking worse than the stained khaki (and that's saying something). So it was out.

I told you I picked up a couple of remnants from the mill: two of ticking--one blue and small, and the other black and large; a remnant of a French laundry/linen-ish thing; and a remnant with monkeys and crocodiles. Here they are in that order.

Blue, small ticking:

Black, large ticking:
French laundry/linen-ish thing:
Monkeys and crocodiles: 

And then here's a piece from some shams my mom had but was no longer using.

So what did I decide? Well, the monkey/crocodile fabric just wasn't right for the chairs (so I'm making pillows for the sofa out of that fabric now); the red, floral sham fabric was too, well, red and floral; the French laundry/linen-ish thing looked like it would get too dirty; and I just wasn't feeling the black, large ticking even though it looks pretty great in the picture above--it just felt off in real life. So the small, blue ticking it was--traditional enough to be a neutral, and it's actually the first striped fabric in our downstairs, if you can believe that. I should have the seats back soon so I'll share some "after" picks with you then. (Oh, and because I had so much of the small, blue ticking, I'm using some of it for the backs of the monkey/crocodile pillows, which hopefully will help pull the living and dining rooms together a bit more. (And you know I love a good reversible pillow, as evidenced by my last post.) 

Okay, now what would your pick have been?

**Special thanks to Zelda for providing a bit of perspective in the above photos. She's so helpful. 


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