0 By Self/Homemade

I'm a fan of doing things "by self." That's what I called it when I was three.

Who am I kidding? That's still what I call it.

But I guess it's only in recent years that I've recognized just how honestly I get this trait.

As my dad would tell me when I asked about our "homemade" grass, why would you pay someone else to do something you can just as easily do yourself? 

Ah, the homemade grass . . . 

(And no, I'm not talking about that kind of grass; I did not grow up on a marijuana farm despite any present impressions I may give.) 

The homemade grass I'm talking about is the kind of grass you might have in your front yard right now. It's the kind of grass that we had in our front yard. Homemade grass is not sod. Because sod is not homemade. (Unless you live on a sod farm, and then I guess it is.) Homemade grass is the kind of grass that (sometimes) grows from seeds--from seeds that a person spreads around the yard using one of those handheld whirly-ma-gig things. 

And yes, depending on the season, our homemade grass came complete with brown spots--brown spots that let us know just how homemade our grass was. But brown spots = character. (Even the kind that show up on legs after too much time in the sun. It's all just character.) 

Back to the concept of "by self" though.

Because this weekend, rather than driving our cars to one of those pay-whatever-the-price-is-and-watch-someoene-else-wash-our-cars institutions, which is exactly what I wanted to do if I'm really going to be honest here, Tod and I gathered up our car wash supplies, hooked up the hose, and did it "by self." It took forever . . . because it had been that long . . . and because we park beneath prolific crepe myrtles . . . and because we have very furry dogs. And it's a little bit embarrassing how much of a work-out it was. But the results: totally worth it. Because no way would someone we paid have worked so hard to remove all the Heidi and Zelda hairs from the carpets. No way. 
The best way to admire your homemade car wash is with a hand on your hip and a cold beer in your other hand.

Who would guess that's Tod's car just turned fifteen? Not me. Here's hoping for another fifteen.

Now because "by self" and homemade are just two sides to the same coin, here's something else we did this weekend.

Remember all the edible plants that I put in the dirt a few weeks ago? Well, our jalapeno plant has taken off so we have lots of peppers! (Yes, that sentence deserved an exclamation point; I seriously get so excited for every new pepper that appears. It feels like a really good magic show.) 

With fresh jalepeno peppers on hand, Tod made jalapeno cheese grits this morning. They were so delicious that I licked the spoon like Zelda does. (Not sure why I needed to admit that though.)

Anyway, I ran with the jalapeno-and-cheese theme and made a giant bowl of jalapeno pimento cheese. I will look forward to lunch tomorrow.

If that's not too much by self/homemade for you, I also pulled out my sewing machine today. Shocking, I know, but it's something I've been meaning to do for a while. (Inertia can be such a hassle.)
I guess I was thinking girl today.
And I guess Zelda was thinking: "I'm a girl--is this one for me?" 
Either that or she was just doing some quality control.


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