0 Quality Time

I took a day off of work last week and headed up to Greenville to spend a long weekend of quality time with my folks. To be expected, mom and I had a few special outings in mind. 

The mill, for example. I went in search of fabric to recover the four drop-in seats on our dining room chairs. I didn't find any on Friday.

Instead, I found this:

A wonderful piece of toile -- it's "fishing village" by Thibaut. I'm pretty sure this stuff is something fine that sells for many, many, many dollars per yard in the decorator world, so yay for $5.00/pound remnants at the mill. This was the only piece I could find of the fishing village, and I figured it gave me enough for the fronts of two standard pillow shams, so I just needed to find something interesting for the backs. For whatever reason, I really liked the juxtaposition of the menswear-inspired houndstooth with the toile, so I threw that in the cart. And then, so this whole project doesn't end up entirely too homemade-looking, I picked up some jute-ish trim for the shams and asked mom's upholstery man what he would charge to put them together. For $15 a pop, I was sold. I cannot wait to see the finished product. 

So I walked out of the mill on Friday with nothing for the chairs, but I spent only $14.75 on the (unnecessary) pillow facbric, so I considered myself successful.

Mom walked out of the mill on Friday with a stack of precious fabrics to sew lots and lots of her sweet baby burp cloths. (I apologize for the colors in this photo; it was night and I'm still working on my manual shooting skills.)

I love her new cards: Her grandmother name is "LaLa," and she's working on selling a few of her sweet burp cloths. (I really think Etsy would be a perfect place or her wares, but we're not quite there yet technologically speaking.)

Okay, so that was Friday. (Well, that and a trip to the Habitat re-store, the T.J. Maxx, and the Ross.) So guess what we did on Saturday. 

Yep, we went back to the mill. I really wanted to find something for our dining room chairs' drop-in seats, and mom's a good sport like that. 

So I dug through the remnants for the second day in a row and finally found some success. Too much success actually, because in the end, I couldn't decide. (Kid in a candy store!) So I bought four different remnants: a couple pieces of ticking, a French laundry-looking striped thing, and a colorful piece of linen with monkeys and crocodiles. (You know me.) I brought everything home so I could see it in our space, and I've narrowed it down, but you'll just have to wait and see. In all, I spent $35 the second day so, still, not too bad. Because eventually I'll come up with something fun for everything I brought home, even if I just have to hoard it for a while.

And just so you don't think our entire weekend was devoted to fabric, we also found time to . . . try a new-to-us meat and three in the middle of nowhere called Boots & Thelma's.

(They definitely asked us where we were from because two of these things were not like the others. But we enjoyed it and would do it again in a heartbeat.)  

And we did a little antiquing.  

And then we did a little dumpster diving, too.  Because who can resist free wicker? (The real thing!) Not these two ladies, that's who can't.

So two precious cafe chairs and a coffee table with a lower magazine shelf made their way to mom's porch. We scrubbed and pressure washed them the next day, and then, because mom's porch already contains enough wicker to choke a dragon, I threw them in the back of the CR-V and carted them down to Charleston, where they are now stacked in the corner of our dining room waiting for their new life. (Tod really is such a good sport when I bring home spoils and clutter up the place; I should remind him that at least I'm not a cat who leaves dead moles on the doorstep, because that would be much harder to deal with in my opinion.) Anyway, I'm thinking I just may have to force these finds upon my in-laws. They're beachy, right? And I'm thinking a couple cans of lime green spray paint might be fun? They could live downstairs by the swing perhaps? Or not. I just couldn't resist the free wicker. Maybe I'll just paint them and sell them on Craigslist. We love Craigslist. 

Oh, you know what else we did? We picked up a couple of those balls of fresh pizza dough from the grocery store (ours came from Publix) and made homemade pizzas. Totally a worthwhile activity. Mom said she may never order pizza again, in fact. (Note to potential pizza makers, however: the whole wheat dough cooks much faster than the white dough!)

All in all, it was a weekend of quality time with my parents, just me as their daughter and them as my parents, and for a newlywed I guess that's a rare but much appreciated thing. Because even though our family has changed and grown into a multi-layered thing over the years--which is, of course, a beautiful thing itself ("the circle of life," my mom might say)--it's always nice to know that beneath all those layers, the foundation remains. It breathes and it stretches--it settles in a bit, of course--but the important thing is that it remains, that it supports the changes. I could ask for nothing more.


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