0 Something 'Bout a Boat

Jimmy Buffett has a new song called "Something 'Bout a Boat." Maybe you've heard it?

What's fun about this song is that our buddy, Patrick Davis, co-wrote it, and we first heard the song back in March when Patrick played a concert in Charleston. At the time, Patrick knew that a big name wanted the song, but he couldn't tell us who that big name was yet. Tod and I thought it could have been someone like Kenny Chesney based on the lyrics of the song, but when we found it was Buffett we were thrilled for Patrick. Because Buffett? Well, that's a big deal. (Not that Kenny Chesney isn't, but you know what I mean. Buffett has stores, and restaurants, and crazy, obsessed fans, and he even has his name on Landshark beer. Like I said, big deal.) 

Anyway, the first verse of the song goes something like this:

Something 'bout a boat sitting on the sea
Out there in the wind, floating on the free
Take her round the world, bring you back home
Gives a man hope, something 'bout a boat.

Apparently, Santa agrees with Jimmy and Patrick because this year he gave Tod a gift certificate for a two-day Jon boat rental from Pawleys Island Outdoors. 

We put that gift certificate to good use this weekend, and yes, Tod was kid-in-a-candy-store excited about it. 

We cruised the creek, at sun up and sun down, and we loved having the chance to admire the place we love so dearly from another angle.

But what we enjoyed most of all: having the chance to expose our four-legged family members to boating life. 

Because just like there's something 'bout a boat, there's also something 'bout a dog sittin' by your side. Which is why another verse of Patrick's song goes like this:

Something 'bout your dog sittin' by your side
If you've had a bad day, she ain't gonna run and hide
Just a-waggin' that tail, grinnin' that grin
Something 'bout my dog makes her my best friend

So we pulled a Joey Tribbiani and put our hands together: boat + dogs.

We weren't sure whether Scooter and Roscoe had experienced boat rides prior to their shelter days (and prior to winning the adoption lottery with Tod's parents), but judging by their reactions, I'd vote no for Scooter and yes for Roscoe. We knew that this was a first for Zelda because she's been a part of the family for pretty much all her days. We didn't know whether this was a first for Heidi, but common sense (and the fact that we found her four years ago, only half alive and wandering around a parking lot) would say no. In all, Zelda was the best boater, quickly earning the rank of Jon boat skipper and posing for lots of cute pics in the process. Roscoe was a close second; Heidi was third; and Scooter, well, he came in fourth, largely due to his overwhelming desire to bark at everything that moved, including the water. Here are some images--worth a thousand words indeed.

Yes, indeed, there's something 'bout a boat . . . and something 'bout a dog sittin' by your side. There's also something 'bout Pawleys, but Patrick hasn't written that verse (yet).


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