1 Thirteen Questions: Liz

Another honeymoon flashback: the lovely chairs at Basel Munster, originally a Catholic cathedral but today a reformed Protestant Church, built between 1019 and 1500 in Basel, Switzerland. Yes, I was totally mesmerized by all of the different patterns.

Okay, many thanks to my friend Liz for helping me with my project!

1.  When someone asks you where you’re from, what do you say?  I'm from Hickory, I live in Charlotte.

2.  How long did you live there (or do you still live there)? 2.5 years

3.  Which book or books are you reading right now (or what’s the last book you read)?  Blood, Bones & Butter - memoir from a NCY chef.  Just finished The Dirty Life.  Loved it.  You would love it actually.  All about farming.

4.  What are your go-to comfort foods?  Taco salad night :)

5.  Who annoys you more: people who don’t use their blinkers or people who talk on the cell phone while checking out at the grocery store?  (If you don’t find either of those things annoying, first, you’re better than I am–although I’m sure I’ve been guilty of both at times–and second, what do you find annoying?)  Totally the grocery store.  

6.  If you could travel in time, either forwards or backwards, and in place, what time and place would you visit?  Kenya, 1910.  

7.  Along those imaginary lines (although I’m sort of convinced that time travel is possible even though we don’t yet know how), if you could attend a dinner party with your family and friends and three totally random people–living or dead, famous or not–who would those three people be?  Dave's grandmother Mimmi, my Dad's mom Grandmother Farrar, and Lee's future wife.  Who will she be . . . ? :) 

8.  And where would this imaginary dinner party be?  Pawleys.  

9.  What are your favorite TV shows right now?  Homeland, The Americans, and Girls

10.  How long has it been since you last looked at your cell phone?  Several hours.

11. What advice, if any, would you give to your twenty-year-old self?  You will be just fine.  Don't worry so much.

12.  If you previously set goals or made resolutions for 2013, what were they and did you accomplish them?  Getting in shape and getting more sleep.  Accomplished both!  

13. What goals or resolutions, if any, do you have for 2014?  Hmmm . . . Be more organized.  Get Harley swimming well and into some sports.  Go to bed earlier. 


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