1 Behind Closet Doors

Here's the master closet before we got to work:
(I told y'all that the person who lived here before us was not the best project completer. Check out that half-ass paint job: an oatmeal/turquoise disaster if ever I've seen one. The face-base colored walls don't help much either.) 

Here's the master closet after demolition: 
(Do you see that that space to the right of the closet? Before we started knocking things out, it was just totally wasted space, hiding behind studs and sheetrock. I strongly believe that wasted space is worse than the Kardashians. And how about adding some framing so we can have normal closet doors and not the strange, to-the-ceiling things that didn't really slide unless you grabbed on with two hands, gave yourself a kick start, and then flung all your body weight in the other direction.)

Thank goodness for that wasted space, for it allowed one to become two, a his and hers if you will.
Move in day came long before the closet doors arrived. (In fact, we didn't have any interior doors for about the first six weeks we lived here. #goodthingwearemarried. These closet doors were special order and were the last to arrive. I didn't really enjoy staring at our clothes for three months, but Zelda didn't seem to mind too much.)

 Finally, doors!

Even better, painted doors!
(We added a floor length mirror in the corner where the bookshelves used to be . . . 

and we moved the bookshelves to the other wall.) 
Yes, I am completely ridiculous and still sleep with a stuffed lamb. His name is Phil.

The view of the other corner:

So far this seems to be the girls' room of choice.

At least as far as daytime napping goes . . . 


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