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I told Tod I thought I had one more blog post in me for 2014, which will round out the year's final number of posts at a whole, whopping 13. Not very impressive, I know, but I like the number 13, so I'm cool with it. After all, this year has been filled with so many exciting and fun and hard and happy things that blogging simply has not been very high on my priority list, even though it is something I enjoy doing when I actually sit down and do it. To be honest, for the past few weeks (months?), I've found myself questioning whether I should give up on the blog entirely (as in, take it down from the web) or whether I should give it another shot (maybe with some remodeling and a new slant). It seems like bloggers are dropping like flies these days (Young House Love, anyone?), and although this blog is a tiny little thing, I just don't know right now what's in store for this place. But I'm okay with that, too, because I'm not really sure what's in store for me either as I sit here 35 weeks pregnant.

For now though, I'm here, at least sporadically. As I mentioned above, this year has been so very full. If I had to sum it up in 40 words, I'd say that we started the year by moving into our new place and taking an amazing trip to the Middle East, and now we're ending the year anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl, who will be here so very soon. We can't wait.   

Speaking of which, there's been some nesting going on around here. (And I'm a nester without a baby in my belly so I'll just let y'all think about how absurd my nesting must be with a baby in my belly.) Although the walls haven't been painted pink, I can't say the same thing for two green dressers. (Remember when I painted them green here, or remember when my sister painted them gray here?) 

Thanks to help from my sweet mom and six cans of Valspar spray paint (in Satin Thistle Field), baby girl has a perfect spot for her all her precious baby girl things. 

I'll try to update this post with some pictures of the dressers in her room, but my sweet husband (who jokes that he's auditioning for stay-at-home dad) just presented me with a beautiful plate of steaming hot food, so this is where I leave you for now.

Happy holidays to you and yours. 


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