Hi! I'm Nan. This is my blog. As the name goes, it's a blog about moving stuff around, which is something a lot of people, including me, spend a crazy amount of time doing. I just can't seem to turn down a good project. 
So this blog is a place where I can chronicle some of my favorite projects, but it's also just a place where I can tell stories and share pictures so friends and family can stop by and see what's going on with us. 

As for the "us," I married a sweet fellow named Tod a couple years ago. We recently bought and renovated a little townhouse in Charleston, South Carolina, and these days we're having the best time making it our home.   

Tod and I are blessed to share our days with two precious dogs, Heidi and Zelda. They honestly make everything better.  

Tod and sweet Heidi

If you have questions or just want to say hi, you can email me at movingstuffaround@gmail.com.  
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